Embark on an extraordinary adventure 7 days Canada tour package through the heart of Canada, exploring the vibrant cities of Toronto and Montreal. Our carefully curated tour, promises an immersive experience filled with cultural delights and breathtaking scenery.


Day 1-3: Toronto – The Dynamic Metropolis

    • Begin your journey in Toronto, a city known for its impressive skyline, diverse neighborhoods, and iconic landmarks like the CN Tower.

    • Explore the cultural mosaic of Toronto, from the historic Distillery District to the trendy Queen Street West.

    • Enjoy a comfortable stay at the renowned 3-star Town Inn Suites Hotel, ensuring a restful night after your adventures.

Day 4-7: Montreal – Where French and English Harmony Unfolds

    • Travel to Montreal by train, soaking in scenic landscapes along the way.

    • Immerse yourself in Montreal’s unique blend of French and English influences, from the charming Old Montreal to the bustling streets of Plateau Mont-Royal.

    • Experience genuine hospitality at the 3-star Hotel Manoir Sherbrooke, offering a perfect blend of comfort and elegance.


    • Accommodation at the 3-star Town Inn Suites Hotel or a similar quality hotel in Toronto for the first leg of your journey.

    • Accommodation at the 3-star Hotel Manoir Sherbrooke or a similar hotel in Montreal, ensuring a cozy and memorable stay.

    • All transportation between cities covered by train, offering a scenic and stress-free travel experience.

Why Choose Our Tour:

    1. Convenience: Enjoy a hassle-free journey with all-inclusive transportation and accommodations.

    1. Local Experiences: Immerse yourself in the unique culture of each city with our carefully planned itinerary.

    1. Comfortable Accommodations: Rest in comfort at handpicked 3-star hotels, ensuring a pleasant stay throughout your trip.

Book Now: Seize the opportunity to create lasting memories in two of Canada’s most dynamic cities. Our 7-day Canada tour is designed for those seeking a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Book now and embark on a journey filled with cultural richness and picturesque landscapes.

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